Who We Are


What's a podcast without the hosts?


Manuel Carrillo III

Get him within 10 paces of a motor vehicle, and Manuel Carrillo III gets star-struck. But as someone whose first encounter with a car involved being brought home from the hospital at two days old in a Porsche 911 S, that kind of behavior is simply an expression of his enthusiast DNA. Then again, maybe he is a little bit too into cars. Find Manuel documenting his automotive obsessions on Instagram and YouTube.





Ashton Kemerling

In a group of automotive journalists, Ashton is the odd man out. By day a software engineer, by night a nerd. Or is that redundant? Ashton's a polymath of the highest order, and tends to know far too much about everything. You can catch what he's thinking about on twitter or instagram.

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Jonathon Klein


Professional hooligan? Tire killer extraordinaire? Idiot behind a keyboard? That about sums up Jonathon Klein. He's a man that has no mechanical sympathy, a real penchant for killing tires, and is likely the loudest person in the room. You can find him on Instagram and Twitter